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Tournament Update: 4 January, 2023

The Organising Committee

3 Jan 2023

Latest updates for the Sydney IGLFA 2023 Tournament

Happy New Year from Sydney! We hope you had an awesome celebration over the holiday period, and it’s not long now until even more festivities with just 45 days until Sydney World Pride! 


We know a lot of people have only recently registered so if you'd like to read any previous versions of these updates, please let us know and we’ll forward through.



Team registrations close this week, and we hope to have the initial draw out next week. If you don’t have all your players registered yet, don’t stress, there’s still time, but please try to encourage those unregistered players to sign up ASAP. 


Note to team managers: today you should have received a notification that enables you to log in to Dribl and see who has registered from your team. Apologies we couldn’t get this done sooner, and let us know if you need any help navigating the site. 


If you think you’re going to be short of a few players or have some extras, let us know ASAP. We’ll start placing un-allocated players in relevant squads soon. 


RSVP for our Official Welcome Party

Please join us Upstairs at The Beresford Hotel for our official welcome party on Monday 20 February 2023. Tickets are free for participants, but please RSVP so we and the venue know how many to expect. You can RSVP here


We’ll be joined by The Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich MP to welcome you to the city, plus live entertainment in a fantastic venue. And we promise we won’t schedule your games too early on the Tuesday.  


Ps, for those of you visiting from outside of Australia, a ‘hotel’ is a pub...but can also be a hotel. It’s quite confusing but you’ll get the hang of it! 


Thank you to our sponsors and supporters

We’re going to keep saying it! A massive thank you to our Gold sponsors and supporters:

We couldn’t put on this event without their support!



Please keep the questions coming either via email or at our Facebook community. No one has asked a question there yet, so either we’re doing a great job with these updates or you’re too nervous! Free drink on arrival at The Beresford for the person who asks the first question in the group! 

Until next week!

Chris, Sarah, Ky, Sophie, Gus, David, Dean, Kenan

The Organising Committee

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