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​These are the teams that are currently registered to compete at the 2023 Sydney IGLFA Championships.


Women's & Non-Binary

  • The Flying Bats (Sydney, Australia)

  • Balmain DFC (Sydney, Australia)

  • Melbourne Rovers (Melbourne, Australia)

  • Capital FC (Canberra, Australia)

  • U-Haul United (International & host city)

  • West Hollywood Soccer Club (United States)

Men's & Non-Binary

  • Sydney Rangers FC (Australia)

  • Melbourne Rovers (Australia)

  • West Hollywood Soccer Club (United States)

  • New York Ramblers (United States)

  • Minnesota Gray Ducks (United States)

  • San Diego Sparks (United States)

  • GFSN Inferno (UK & Brisbane, Australia)

  • Western Phoenix Spirit (Australia)

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